Cuts, scrapes, surgical scars. We all have them. Big, small, or anywhere in between, we all have any number of scars. Whether it was from an unfortunate accident with a kitchen knife or from a surgical procedure, it’s important to monitor your wound to make sure it heals properly and doesn’t become infected.

There are a number of things one can do to properly care for a wound on its own to ensure it doesn’t become infected.

Signs of Infection

There are many different signs that can point to someone having an infected wound, depending on the type of wound. A big sign, according to WebMD, is having a fever of one hundred degrees or higher and running it constantly.

Some other signs include redness, especially around the wound; skin feeling hot to the touch; pain that gets worse instead of better; and swelling around the wound area.

According to the Hyper-Healing Clinic, wounds normally heal without any help within about a week. If a wound has not completely healed in two weeks or has not shown any progress at all, then it is time to have the wound examined and evaluated by a wound specialist so they can discover the underlying cause and bring healing.

Washing your hands constantly is key. Also, change the dressing on a regular basis, and monitor any drainage from the wound. Clear drainage is best or tinged slightly yellow.

Aside from general wound treatment, there are treatment options specifically tailored to each patient and their wound. Advanced remedies typically require professional management, such as we offer at Hyper-Healing Hyperbarics. These remedies include antibiotic-impregnated specialty dressings, stem cell grafts, and biologic grafts.

These types of treatment require a level of training and expertise not found at the average clinic. We offer negative pressure wound therapy, also known as wound VAC as well as specialized compression dressings. Hyperbaric oxygen therapy treatments will soon be available as well.

Treating the Whole Person

At Hyper-Healing Hyperbarics, doctors will treat the whole person, not just their wound. They will keep in mind any health issues the patient has, how the person got the wound, and many other factors, so they can get the patient on the path to a healed wound.

What is Hyperbaric Medicine?

In Hyperbaric chambers, a patient is placed in a chamber pressurized with an atmosphere of pure oxygen at a high pressure. It usually takes several weeks of sessions, but the results have been promising. Patients have reported their wounds have healed substantially or completely.